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Ice Compress Beauty Instrument
  • Ice Compress Beauty InstrumentIce Compress Beauty Instrument
  • Ice Compress Beauty InstrumentIce Compress Beauty Instrument

Ice Compress Beauty Instrument

China manufacturer Ice Compress Beauty Instrument. We are a professional portable skincare beauty instrument supplier in China over 10 years. We offer customized beauty instrument design and have a good price advantage and offer design services. markets. We hope have a happy cooperation with you.

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Product Description

Ice Compress beauty instrument is the newest RF invention of high-quality CE and comes with a 1-year warranty. The RF,EMS,LED Light,Ice Compress beauty instrument can deeply repair the skin and fade spots,It can dilute the already formed melanin and inhibit it; Beauty equipment can bring a lifting and tightening effect.

Ice Compress Beauty Instrument Parameter (Specification)

Product Item

Product Model

Product Tech

Charge mode

Ice Compress Beauty Instrument




Ice Compress

Led light


Ice Compress Beauty Instrument Feature And Application

Ice Compress beauty instrument utilizes RF application technologies, which also has a certain effect in reducing wrinkles. During use, it can awaken collagen, causing the skin to generate more collagen,When used, it can help increase blood circulation in the skin, improve skin sagging and sagging symptoms, and also have the effect of fading facial spots, making the skin more delicate and delicate.

Ice Compress Beauty Instrument Details

Ice Compress beauty instrument can be used in conjunction with skincare products to better absorb nutrients. If it is combined with essence, cream, essential oil, etc. to conduct deep skin introduction and maintenance, skin care products can play a real role in nursing improvement

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