LED Light Eye Patch
  • LED Light Eye PatchLED Light Eye Patch
  • LED Light Eye PatchLED Light Eye Patch
  • LED Light Eye PatchLED Light Eye Patch

LED Light Eye Patch

China Wholesale LED Light Eye Patch. We have been specialized Eye care beauty instrument more than 10 years. We could be customized products and have a good price advantage.We are a professional high technology beauty instrument manufacturer in China.We look forward to expanding the market.

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Product Description

LED Light Eye Patch is the advanced LED light technology invention of good quality products.The LED Light Eye Patch use red light to focus on improving eye muscle problems. Red light is the most penetrating color among various LED lights, reaching directly to the bottom of the skin. More than 12 times deeper than far infrared rays into the skin, activating mitochondria and improving blood circulation.

LED Light Eye Patch Parameter (Specification)

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LED Light Eye Patch


LED light


LED Light Eye Patch Feature And Application

Removing old waste and dispersing it, injecting vitality, helps to create elastic skin. Eight minutes a day can promote blood circulation, cell recovery, and activate cells.o side effects, no damage to skin tissue and vision, LED light sources have the advantages of long lifespan and low power consumption.LED infrared/PDT wavelength penetrates deep into the skin, promotes metabolism and blood circulation, restores and activates cells, promotes collagen regeneration in the dermis, and makes eye skin tighter, more elastic. Smooth and lighten fine lines around the eyes, brighten the skin around the eyes.

LED Light Eye Patch Details


1.After cleansing, use basic skincare products

2. Remove the eye mask protective film, adjust it to the facial contour, and apply it to the face.

3. Connect the CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch to your phone and click the controller button.

4. The operation time is 8 minutes, and when the LED light goes out, the skin care is completed.

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