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1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz, and 17MHz frequency ultrasound


LDM functional ultrasound beauty device is a new concept ultrasound beauty device that penetrates ultrasound energy deep into the skin in a non-invasive, non-invasive, and painless manner, comprehensively solving problems such as skin aging, acne, and relaxation. Based on multi frequency cross ultrasound technology, it utilizes the different penetration depths of 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz, and 17MHz frequency ultrasound to transmit ultrasound energy to various skin layers through cell energy massage, regulating the production of extracellular matrix and the dynamic process of destroying connective tissue, inducing cell activation, and promoting skin elasticity, hydration, whitening, and repair effects.

#Tips: Characteristics of ultrasound#

The characteristic of ultrasound is that the lower the frequency, the deeper the penetration, and the less it is absorbed.

The penetration depth of 1MHz ultrasound is to the muscle layer

The penetration depth of 3MHz ultrasound is from the dermis to subcutaneous tissue

The penetration depth of 10MHz ultrasound is in the dermis layer

The penetration depth of 17MHz ultrasound is shallow skin

The combination of four ultrasonic frequencies using crossover technology can achieve comprehensive skin care.

Target audience:

Dry skin that is not easy to apply makeup on

People who frequently experience allergies and skin problems

People who want to enhance natural skin elasticity

People with sensitive skin and difficult skin management

People with skin diseases such as acne and allergic dermatitis

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