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ODM 808nm infrared home beauty instrument


808nm infrared semiconductor photon rejuvenation, which directly stimulates subcutaneous collagen through multiple pulse lasers to produce new collagen, thereby improving symptoms such as facial skin relaxation, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. 808nm semiconductor belongs to strong pulsed light with relatively long wavelengths, which can directly penetrate deep layers of the skin, stimulate the generation of collagen under the skin, and achieve effects such as removing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and improving skin dullness. 808nm semiconductor photon rejuvenation can effectively alleviate skin darkening, roughness, and other problems caused by sun exposure. In addition, it also has a certain improvement effect on the acne scars left by acne.

The main absorber of biological tissue for 808nm is hemoglobin, with an absorption coefficient of about 6cm-1, while water has a very small absorption of 808nm, with an absorption coefficient of about 0.023cm-1, which is within the "therapeutic window" spectral range. According to photon transmission theory, when 808nm laser is irradiated on tissue, its absorption on the surface of the tissue is very small. The light energy penetrates deeper tissue, with a penetration depth of 2-4mm, thereby increasing the distribution volume of laser within the tissue volume. This is known as the volume effect, which is a large-scale solidification of tissue. The larger the volume effect of laser, the easier the tissue is to solidify, and the stronger the hemostatic function. Suitable for the treatment of deep tissue diseases rich in blood vessels, widely used in vascular surgery, otolaryngology, intervertebral disc decompression and other fields

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