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The10MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument developed by the company


Our skin is composed of cells, and caring for, activating, and maintaining cell health is the foundation of a youthful skin. When aging or skin problems occur, it not only disrupts the balance of protein degrading enzymes composed of the extracellular matrix, but also reduces immune proteins. At the same time, it can cause a decrease in the content of skin moisturizing factor - hyaluronic acid. Saving aging skin is not enough just by carefully implementing skincare procedures. The main reason for delaying skin aging is to maintain a balanced extracellular matrix.
We believe that many beauty enthusiasts are not unfamiliar with ultrasonic beauty machines. As a new type of skincare method, ultrasound can bring more unique and comfortable experiences to our skin care.
This time, we are introducing a household ultrasound beauty instrument developed by Shenzhen Junyi Technology Co., Ltd., which is different from traditional ultrasound beauty instruments (ultrasound devices with frequencies of 1MHz and 3MHz). Junyilife has a 10MHz wavelength energy that is smaller than the thickness of the cell membrane, which can effectively regulate the cell activity and extracellular matrix balance in the upper dermis, and improve aging skin.
10 MHz sound wave frequency with 150 μ The extremely small wavelength of m affects small cell groups within individual cells or tissues, which means that ultrasound at a frequency of 10MHz produces a very specific response to any cell.
The main therapeutic effect is the regeneration of aging or damaged skin, and Thermal shock proteins are directly involved in the aging of skin tissue cells and the regeneration of damaged cells. Junyilife is superior to similar ultrasound beauty instruments in terms of frequency, program, effectiveness, and effective period.
The higher the frequency, the more complex technical support is required. 10MHz belongs to VHG very high frequency, focusing on "painless" to create tight and healthy skin. Especially for the treatment of dry sensitive muscles, there is a significant improvement. It is suitable for sensitive/reddened/allergic skin to improve skin health in a non irritating dermis environment.
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