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Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment

Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment

Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment manufacturer in China. We have been specialized commercial beauty equipment for many years. We could be customized commercial beauty equipment and have a good price advantage and cover most of the Japan and Korea markets. We are a professional beauty instrument supplers in China.

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Product Description

360 Super RF utilizes ultrasound and unipolar RF technology, with preciseRF energy reaching different operating depths in the body. The uniform distribution of heat causes adipocyte apoptosis, thereby achieving the effect of shaping and shaping. Its unique bone collagen regeneration technology can effectively stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen and elastin in the body, construct a new collagen fiber network, eliminate local accumulation of fat, tighten and improve facial contour,And reduce fine lines. Safe and reliable operation, no recovery period required, Minimal

rebound, allowing you to achieve skin tightening and shaping effects while operating safely and comfortably.

Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment Parameter (Specification)

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Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment



AU, UK, EU, US, CN, JP, Za, It

Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment Feature And Application

The looseness and sagging of the face are mainly manifested in the lower line of the eyebrow tail, eye corner, and apple muscle mouth corner. The apple muscle belongs to the highest point of the facial center of gravity. When the facial center of gravity is pressed down by gravity, the apple muscle falls down. In clinical practice, 80% of women are more

concerned about the facial wrinkles, which are also caused by the relaxati- on and sagging of the apple muscle. 360 can achieve the tightness and — 3 —lifting of the apple muscle, thereby weakening our facial wrinkles.

Super RF Collagen Gun Beauty Equipment Details

1、Helps collagen regeneration, tightening, and enhancement

2、Elastic regeneration

3、Skin Firmness

4、Increase skin smoothness

5、Reduction of wrinkles/fine lines

6、Facial lifting and tightening

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