Wearable Nipple Corrector
  • Wearable Nipple CorrectorWearable Nipple Corrector
  • Wearable Nipple CorrectorWearable Nipple Corrector
  • Wearable Nipple CorrectorWearable Nipple Corrector
  • Wearable Nipple CorrectorWearable Nipple Corrector
  • Wearable Nipple CorrectorWearable Nipple Corrector

Wearable Nipple Corrector

Wearable Nipple Corrector manufacturer in China. We have been specialized in Maternal And Infant Electrical Appliances for many years. We could be customized products according to your needs and have a good price advantage.We are a professional personal care appliances suppliers in China.

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Product Description

Wearable Nipple Corrector is the latest invention of high-quality CE and comes with a 1-year warranty. The nipple corrector, also known as the nipple retraction corrector, is a simple device for correcting nipple retraction. It utilizes the principles of vacuum negative pressure and skin traction dilation to continuously pull the Sunken nipple, extend the mammary duct, nipple smooth muscle, and connective tissue under the nipple areola, providing a non surgical approach for correcting nipple retraction.

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 Wearable Nipple Corrector


Nipple Corrector


Wearable Nipple Corrector Feature And Application

1. The product is simple and exquisite. 

2. Non surgical surgery, using a gentle suction method without segmenting the breast, the function of the breast remains unchanged, and after correction, breastfeeding can be performed. 

3. It usually requires continuous use for 1 to 6 months to permanently correct inverted nipples. 

4. The nipple corrector is suitable for adult women of any age.

Wearable Nipple Corrector Details

For mild and moderate nipple retraction, the effect is ideal. Deep nipple recession, with a tendency to retract after discontinuing the use of nipple correctors. For women without nipple tissue, there is basically no effect. It is worth noting that before or during pregnancy, pregnant women can basically successfully achieve breastfeeding with nipple corrector.To achieve the fastest and best results, it is recommended to use maximum suction when feeling comfortable and to continue using it for as long as possible during the day and night. Ideally, it should be used for 8 hours a day. Each sunken nipple requires a nipple corrector, which can be used overnight if one is not asleep.

Three points to note when performing nipple retraction:
1.Whether choosing a manual corrector or an intelligent corrector, it is important to gradually increase the suction and not directly use the strongest force, as the nipples will not only become sour but also crack and bleed.
2. Step by step, take a break after a few minutes of suction. Do not continue to inhale in order to achieve immediate results. If there is no circulation of blood in the nipple, it will become red, swollen, and cracked. Use a corrector every day for only about 3 hours of cumulative traction, and persist for 1-2 months to correct.
3. During the process of correcting the nipple, there may be secretions that need to be cleaned in a timely manner

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