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2023 New Electric Breast Pumps
  • 2023 New Electric Breast Pumps2023 New Electric Breast Pumps

2023 New Electric Breast Pumps

Portable Electric Breast Pumps manufacturer in China. We have been specialized in Maternal And Infant Electrical Appliances for many years. We could be customized products according to your needs and have a good price advantage.We are a professional maternal and infant electrical appliances suppliers in China.

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Product Description

Portable Electric Bilateral Breast Pumps is the latest invention of high-quality CE and comes with a 1-year warranty. The portable electric breast pumps can also stimulate milk secretion and increase milk volume ,which it is generally applicable when infants are unable to directly suck breast milk, or when the mother's nipples have problems, or when they still wish to breastfeed despite persisting in work.

Portable Electric Breast Pumps Parameter (Specification)

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Product Function

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Portable Electric Breast Pumps


Breast milk collection


Portable Electric Breast Pumps Feature And Application

If your baby is premature or cannot suck on your mother's nipples, using a breast pump to collect milk not only allows the baby to eat valuable breast milk, but also alleviates the pain and pressure caused by bloating. However, it should be noted that the number of milking times during bloating should not be too high, otherwise it will make the situation worse.

Portable Electric Breast Pumps Details

Sometimes babies have no appetite and drink too little, and their breast milk is not completely sucked dry. If they are not emptied in a timely manner at this time, there may be milk swelling. In this situation, first apply a hot towel and then use a breast pump to suck out the milk, which will relieve discomfort. It can also prevent acute mastitis, which can occur in severe cases, as well as decreased milk production due to long-term non emptying.The mother is not by the baby's side. After giving birth, as the child ages, it is impossible for the mother to constantly breastfeed. When going out to work or carrying milk to work, she still hopes that the baby can breastfeed without a breast pump.

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