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Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument

Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument

Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument factory in China. We have experiences of Hair Removal instrument over 10 years. We could be customized beauty equipment products and have a good price advantage.We are a professional high technology beauty instrument manufacturer in China.We look forward to expanding the market.

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Product Description

Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument is the advanced IPL technology invention of good quality hair removal products.The energy density can reach up to 13J/cm, which can accurately act on hair follicle tissue, causing melanin to absorb heat and heat up, damaging hair follicles, and blocking the growth of nutrients. Not only that, while strong pulsed light directly hits the dermis, it can also effectively stimulate the growth of collagen, thereby achieving effective hair removal and skin care.

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Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument





Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument Feature And Application

The Skin rejuvenation Facial hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument can remove spots, tender skin, whiten and remove hair.IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) optical hair removal adopts the pyrolysis principle of a strong pulse light source. In the treatment of pigmented skin diseases, melanin selectively absorbs the spectrum of strong pulsed light and produces an "implosion effect" or "selective pyrolysis effect". Melanocytes can be destroyed, while melanosomes can be shattered. Intense pulsed light improves skin conditions such as sagging, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, mainly through its biological stimulation effect; The treatment of acne mainly utilizes photochemical and selective photothermal effects.

Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument Detail

The Facial Hair IPL Hair Removal Instrument has unique irradiation port design, with a large irradiation area of 4.5cm square, convenient and efficient, easy hair removal.The key point to note is that this hair removal device is a sliding light source. Previously, we used to use a single click to release light, which means pressing once to release light. The hair removal device comes with three lamp holders, which can handle hair from the whole body, face, and bikini area separately. It can be operated at home, very convenient, and can also achieve long-term net hair effect by using it regularly. A good home hair removal device can achieve painless hair removal, and by removing hair more times, the overall growth rate of hair will significantly slow down. Persisting for a period of time can effectively inhibit hair growth for a long time.

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