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Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument

Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument

China Supplier Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument. We have been specialized Hair Removal instrument for many years. We could be customized beauty equipment and have a good price advantage.We are a professional high technology IPL application factory in China.We look forward to expanding our market.

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Product Description

Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument is the advanced IPL technology invention of good quality hair removal products.IPL uses using the heating reaction of skin tissue to light, which focuses a beam of light on the hair follicles and damages them by heating them, thereby hindering hair follicle regeneration.

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Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument




Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument Feature And Application

The handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument can remove spots, tender skin, whiten and remove hair.IPL is a progressive phototherapy that provides full body hair removal treatment while also treating individual areas such as the arms, legs, or bikini line, depending on everyone's needs. When using IPL, it is necessary to aim the flash port at the area to be depilated, which is beneficial for the depilated area to absorb light and help pulse light reach the hair root.

Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument Details

The Handheld IPL Hair Removal Instrument has unique irradiation port design, with a large irradiation area of 4.5cm square, There are also several precautions when using: 1. Before using the instrument, be sure to use a hair scraper to remove the hair on the surface of the skin before trying it out. 2. When shining, try to avoid bright areas and use your body to block the light source. 3 When removing hair, it is necessary to adhere to the skin at a 90 angle After hair removal, the skin should not touch hot water. It is necessary to wash it in advance and always pay attention to sun protection! 5. After hair removal, timely use soothing methods, such as applying moisturizing and anti allergic skincare products, and try to choose products with fewer chemical components.

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