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Multifunctional Body Massager
  • Multifunctional Body MassagerMultifunctional Body Massager
  • Multifunctional Body MassagerMultifunctional Body Massager

Multifunctional Body Massager

Multifunctional Body Massager manufacturer in China. We have been specialized in massager over 10 years. We could be customized massager products according to your ideas and have a good price advantage.We are a professional personal massager appliances suppliers in China.We looking forward to your cooperation.

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Product Description

Multifunctional Body Massager adopts EMS, LED light, and ultrasonic.Increase the temperature of local skin, relieve fatigue in the body, allowing muscles and nerves to relax. Promote blood circulation, burn fat for weight loss.It could reduce blood viscosity, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, reduce heart burden.

Multifunctional Facial Massager Parameter (Specification)

Product Item

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Product Function

Charge mode

Multifunctional  Body Massager




LED Light


Multifunctional Body Massager Feature And Application

The Multifunctional Body Massager has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and immune enhancing effects, which can enhance the body's resistance. It is precisely because massage can unblock meridians, promote the circulation of qi and blood, and maintain the balance of yin and yang in the body. Therefore, after massage, muscles can be relaxed, joints can be flexible, and people's spirits can be uplifted, eliminating fatigue, which plays an important role in ensuring physical health.

Multifunctional Body Massager Details

The Multifunctional Facial Massager can treat arthritis, regulate blood circulation, alleviate pain, and improve skin condition. It can lower blood pressure, accelerate the recovery of depression, alleviate the potential loneliness that troubles countless people, improve the health of the blood circulation system and body joints, relax tense muscles, and make the skin softer and more elastic.

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