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How to correct Inverted nipple?


How to correct Inverted nipple?

Our company has developed an electric nipple corrector that can be worn and used.
The nipple orthotic device, also known as the inverted nipple orthotic device, is a simple device for correcting inverted nipples. Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure and skin traction and expansion, the inverted nipple is continuously pulled, the Lactiferous duct, nipple smooth muscle, and the connective tissue under the nipple areola provide a non operative way to correct the inverted nipple.
It is worth noting that before or during pregnancy, with the correction of nipple correctors, pregnant women can basically successfully breastfeed the connective tissue under the areola, providing a non-surgical way to correct nipple retraction.
It is found that according to the data from Wikipedia, about 10%~20% of girls will encounter the problem of Inverted nipple at birth.
According to another data, the probability of Inverted nipple among women of all ages is 1%~2%.
The causes of invagination mostly stem from congenital dysplasia and are hereditary. If the mother has such symptoms, the daughter also has a high chance of nipple retraction.
Incomplete development of the milk duct and congenital dysplasia of the smooth muscle of the nipple and areola may lead to the occurrence of invagination.

As expected, inverted nipples are hereditary. That is to say, if the mother or her sisters has experienced inverted nipples, the next generation will have a much greater chance of encountering inverted nipples.

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