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How many types of beauty tools are there on the market?


How many types of beauty tools are there?

1. Ultrasonic

Repair deep skin matrix, regenerate skin, tender skin, and remove scars

2. EMS micro current:

Stimulate muscles, lift skin, tighten skin

3. LED color light therapy

Promote skin blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and control oil.

4. RF radio frequency

Enhance skin firmness, improve skin relaxation, and fade fine lines

5. Plasma

Acne removing, acne removing marks, controlling water oil balance

6. Ions

Improve the nutritional absorption of skincare products, clean the skin and detoxify.

7. Warm

Stimulate the blood circulation, open the pores, and help the skin quickly introduce various skin care products.

8. Cold compress

Shrink pores, lock in moisture, and reduce wrinkles

9. Vibration massage

Relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.