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What is an LDM beauty device?


LDM droplet lifting is a medical ultrasound instrument that uses 10MHz, and currently the only technology that can accurately concentrate treatment on dermal cells. The skin can only stimulate cells, achieve cell regeneration, repair damaged cells, and restore skin health without thermal damage, with 10 million nanoscale vibrations per second.

LDM is a non-invasive skincare management method that focuses on dynamic micro massage of local cells.

The main core technology of LDM is high-density ultrasound at 10MHz. Compared to traditional ultrasound, the ultrasound it emits mainly focuses on the skin problem layer; Directly reach skin cells, accelerate skin metabolism and circulation, and solve various skin problems. And our LDM technology has achieved cross frequency technology, with differentiated frequencies that can keep cells active, increase skin elasticity, and create a translucent light sensation; At the same time, targeted solutions to skin problems are achieved through different modes.

Skin problems arise from an imbalance in the extracellular matrix. Our LDM water droplets can balance the extracellular matrix and restore the skin to a healthy state.

Especially suitable for the following groups of people:

1. Skin damage: Skin redness and sensitivity, frequent acne, and excessive beauty can cause skin damage.

2. Physiological aging: Dry and rough, lacking elasticity.

3. Weak barrier: Low self repair ability and skin susceptible to external influences.

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