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The principle and effect of IPL hair removal


IPL is called intense pulsed light, which is a kind of broad spectrum visible light with special wavelength, and has a softer Photothermal effect. The hair removal device IPL utilizes IPL, which can penetrate the epidermis, be absorbed by hair follicles in the dermis, and generate heat energy to destroy hair follicles, achieving a long-term hair removal effect.

At the same time, this hair remover can make the chemical changes of the molecular structure in the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the dermis, promote the regeneration and rearrangement of skin collagen, shrink pores and moisturize the skin. And this hair removal device is fast, effective, painless, safe, and has no side effects. In addition, after hair removal, patients need to pay attention to protecting their skin and can apply moisturizing cream appropriately to moisturize the skin.

After strong pulsed light irradiates the skin, it produces two effects:

① Biological stimulation: the photochemical effect of intense pulsed light on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis to restore the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal effect it produces can enhance vascular function, improve circulation, and achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and reducing pores.

② The principle of photothermal decomposition: Due to the fact that the content of pigment groups in diseased tissue is much higher than that in normal skin tissue, the temperature rise generated after absorbing light is also higher than that of the skin. Utilize their temperature difference to seal the diseased blood vessels, rupture and decompose pigments, without damaging normal tissues.

Therefore, IPL is used in the medical and beauty industry to treat acne, Liver spot and pigmentation, improve skin, and is widely welcomed by beauty lovers.

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